Tuesday, November 1, 2011

VIDEO: Sports Streaks

To kick-off November, I'm posting "my" U-verse Sports TV show Sports Streaks. It's not everyday they make a TV show about you, but even more impressive are the other guys covered, runner Mark Covert (he hasn't missed a day since 1968!) and surfer Dale Webster (who has caught 3 waves a day since 1975!) - so be sure to watch their segments too. It's good motivation to keep you pedaling through the winter.

The show first aired on TV August 15 of this year and was then watchable on their website. When they removed it, I asked permission to use it on my channels and they gave me the all-clear. It's also on my Streak Cyclists, Mileage Junkie and More article, where you can read about other addicted athletes like me. Each part is approximately 10-minutes long.

If you're viewing this message in your email and not seeing the video, here's a link:

Hope you enjoy the show!


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Great coverage, Jim. Of course, a great story, as well.