Tuesday, November 8, 2011

COOL TOOLS: Campagnolo Complete Tool Case

My prized circa 1969 Campagnolo Complete Tool Case (click to zoom) 
Upgrading my bicycle repair stand with Park's new 100-3D clamp reminded me to blog about the webpage I just put together for my vintage Campagnolo Complete Tool Case. Above is a teaser photo. My Tool Case is an example of perhaps the ultimate toolkit of all time (Campy also offered a "Reduced" case with fewer tools, and later a toolkit just for their freewheels). There are more images, instructions on how the tools worked, and the story behind this Campy toolkit on my webpage.

Many Campagnolo tool cases exist out there in shops and collections. What I like about mine is its connection to the bicycle shop I worked at and the noteworthy mechanics that became legends there while using these Campy tools. As you can see if you zoom the photo, my toolkit is a little beat-up, but what's nice is that it's one of the ones with a full wood interior instead of the plastic interior Campagnolo went to by the early seventies. And all the tools - even though rough-looking - still work beautifully. Read more on my website.

If you can put an accurate date on my toolkit, offer more information on Campy's kits or have links to one of yours, please post a comment or email me so we can check it out. Thanks!


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