Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BIKE COLLECTIBLES: Arnold Schwinn and Co. Head Badges

Happy holidays riders,

Thanks to fellow head badge collector Antonio Valdes, here's a wonderful selection of what many consider to be the most desirable nameplates to collect : Arnold Schwinn and Co. badges. Because some of these are hard to find and highly prized, I'm delighted to be able to show off a portion of Antonio's badges here.

These are all made of brass. Some are new-old-stock (never used), others are almost-like-new, and a few are missing the paint. My favorites are the ones with pictures on them, especially historic ones, like the La Salle, Lincoln, Mission and Pioneer. I also have a sweet spot for airplanes and like the Ace and Flyer badges a lot. Enjoy this virtual museum display of Antonio's collection. For more head badge viewing visit my collection. And be sure to let me know if you spot any badges for sale in your travels.



Schwinn Ace (notice the skull and crossbones)


Anonymous said...

I just found the same Schiwnn Admiral head badge in my garage. Any info you could share on it would be awesome, especially the date. Thanks

Jim Langley said...

Probably if you search Google for the phrase "Schwinn Admiral" you will find a photo of a bicycle so you can see what the bike it was on may have looked like. I believe that head badge was used in the 1940s before World War II, but I'm not sure when they first used the model name Admiral or for how long Admiral badges were used. Hope this helps a bit, Jim Langley

Anonymous said...

I have a 49 stright bar frame with a Sporter head badge. Is that correct ?

Jim Langley said...

Boy, I don't know, anonymous. I would need to see a photo of the front of your bicycle showing the head badge. Usually if the badge has been changed out, you can tell by looking at it and the frame closely, so that's what I'd look for. Any signs of the screws being removed or the badge not fitting right, would mean that somebody put the wrong badge on there. Hope this helps,
Jim Langley

Daniel Norton said...

I think I matched the big "X" Excelsior head badge to the bicycle on the left of this photo. I believe the other bike is also an excelsior. I'm trying to date this photo, I'm guessing early 1920s. (The photo was taken in a small town in southern Wisconsin.) http://bit.ly/119K5Da

drew paller said...

got an old Excelsior, can provide pictures and serial number, would love to figure out the actual make date of this as I am about to embark on bringing it back to its former glory with my own twist.


Jim Langley said...

Hi Daniel and Drew, I would recommend getting in touch with the foremost expert on these bicycles in the world, Leon Dixon, at the National Bicycle History Archive - here's a link:

I hope this helps you with those great bikes and I enjoyed seeing the photo Daniel.