Sunday, September 2, 2007

Q&A: Shimming pedals/cleats, leg-length discrepancy

Dear Jim,

My right leg is shorter by 2.5 cm in length compared with my left leg because I was born with polio. My doctor told me that I must use a shim to be attached under the cleats of my right leg, since adjusting the saddle height in favor of the shorter leg will result in muscle injury of the left leg. Do you sell any shims? Can you refer me to a supplier/dealer? I'm currently using Shimano 7800 pedals with Shimano SPD SL shoes. Do I need to change pedals? Speedplay?


Thanks for the question, Nelson. I don't see any parts, and I don't know where you're located so it's hard for me to recommend a shop that can do this for you, however, more and more bicycle shops are getting good at fitting riders so I recommend you call a few local shops and ask them about their bike-fit services. The right shop will know how to shim the cleats and look at you on your bike and make a recommendation based on your specific needs. I don't think you'll need to change pedals, but I would need to see your shoes and cleats to be certain. A good fitter shouldn't have much trouble helping you out. If you need other pedals you can probably trade in the ones you have toward the ones you need, too.

Hope this helps and good rides!

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