Saturday, September 15, 2007

GOOD STUFF! Cloud Nine Re-cycle Bicycle Belt

Cloud Nine Designs Re-Cycle Belt!

My framebuilder friend John Calleti of Cloud Nine Designs makes gorgeous custom bicycles and he also made this sweet Re-Cycle bicycle belt for me. He'll make one for you, too!

Every belt is a little different because they're made of recycled materials. He uses worn tires, knobbies for off-road belts, and road treads for roadie belts, plus worn-out cassette cogs for the buckles. A used chain link attaches the buckle to the belt.

this link to learn how to order your own and add some real bike cool to your wardrobe, hold your pants up in style, and also make good use of recycled two-wheeler stuff, too!

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Fred Lifton said...

I'm just annoyed you're still that skinny, Langley.

Your pal, Fred