Sunday, September 2, 2007

Q&A: Finding head badges

Hi Jim,
Awesome collection of bicycle head badges. How would one get started in collecting them? Any links or information on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

It's pretty easy these days, Derrick. Just go on and search on "head badge" or "bicycle badge" and you'll see endless badges for sale. I wish ebay was around when I started collecting 25 years ago. Back then, they were much harder to find. The only problem with online auctions is that the badges sometimes go for too much money, but there are a lot on there and the same ones turn up over and over, so if you just wait, there's an excellent chance of getting the badges you like at reasonable prices. Here are some nice recent arrivals to my collection.
Great head badges
Other than ebay you can certainly try bicycle and vintage car swap meets, weekly flea markets, antique shops, older bicycle shops, garage sales, etc., etc. There are also some collectors that sell head badges. For example, is an international club and once you join you will receive their newsletter in which you'll see head badges for sale, well, at least once in a blue moon. Another resource is the Copake bicycle auction, which is a large bicycle auction in New York held each April. You can check their website to see everything on sale and bid online, or if you're near NY, you could attend, which would be a lot more fun. They usually have at least one lot of head badges each year.

Happy collecting!

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