Monday, August 27, 2007

Q&A: TT wheels

I am looking at getting a new time trial bike and a quality set of wheels. What would you recommend in tt frames? And more importantly, what would you recommend for wheels, assuming I am willing to spend $2,000 on the wheels and most of my tt racing will be on rolling terrain?


It's been a while since I did many time trials or triathlons, but if I was gearing up for one now, I'd probably look at something like Kestrel's Talon for an affordable fast frame (my Cat-2 friend just got one of these and he's flying and credits the bike — he rides/races even hilly courses on it), or go whole hog and buy a Cervelo P3, arguably the fastest bike ever if you don't mind spending a small fortune. And, for wheels, I'd look at Zipp's which are fast and light. Or, I'd look at HED wheels, too Steve Hed's been the guru of free speed forever. I haven't checked prices but I believe Zipp and Hed have nice wheels in your price point.

Hope this helps — and go FAST!


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