Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Q&A: Mysterious noise


Thanks to your site, I've been able to work through a lot of maintenance issues. Really appreciate your insights. Here is a sweek that I'm trying to
solve. Bike is a brand new Novara Safari -- disk brakes, triple chainring,
fenders, etc. -- it has less than 700 miles on it most on gravel trails
like the C&O. It was well set up but there have been a few little noises to
contend with --this one has me stumped.

Imagine the sound of a little spring peeper frog by the side of the road,
but more metallic....

*it's irregular, but fairly constant-- I can't tell where it is coming from while riding
*it occurs while pedaling and when coasting
*it isn't the suspension seatpost (it is well lubed and the sound is still there if I'm out of the saddle.)
*not related to speed or pedal motion.
*THIS SEEMS SIGNIFICANT -- if i coast out of the saddle with all my weight on the left pedal, the ticking increases; when all weight is on the right pedal (out of the saddle) the sound is still heard, but not as frequently.

The bike is clean; all the nuts and bolts I can think of have been tightened and blued with locktite. I had a loose left pedal that caused the steady clunking feel but that tightened up and seems fine. I thought about the spokes working loose. I'll have to admit that I'm not real confident with a spoke wrench. No spoke is noticeably loose, but i think I "feel" some differences, but I don't trust my analysis here. One friend suggested that I lube all the crosses of the spokes; is that a fix?


Did you check this page on my website, which goes in depth on common and uncommon noises: http://www.jimlangley.net/wrench/keepitquiet.html

Give that a try and see if it's any help. First you'll want to decide what type of noise you have. You wrote that it's a "sweak" but I've never heard that term before. Later you called it a "peep" and then "ticking." If "sweak" means "squeak," a squeak is very different from a tick, so you can see how things get confusing until you can explain accurately what the noise is you're hearing. In any case, whether it's a squeak, click, clunk, rattle, squeal, etc. etc., I have likely causes and solutions on the webpage I gave you the link to. And, I'm happy to try to help more if that doesn't help you quiet the noise. Ticking can be caused by spokes at the cross but usually not on a new bike like yours. Squeaking can be many things and I list a lot of things to check for on the webpage. Good luck!

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