Saturday, August 25, 2007

Q&A: Grip shifter cable replacement...

Dear Jim . . . I have a Giant bicycle . . . the right or rear shifter cable needed replacement . . . I need to know how to get a new cable installed into the grip shift assembly . . . It seems to be like a can of worms . . . once I opened it . . . I can’t seem to get it back together . . . HELP . . . Mel

There've been a bunch of different Grip Shift designs and I'm not sure what yours is like. So what I recommend is visiting the SRAM website (makers of Grip Shift) and browsing their tech docs to find yours. They should have instructions on installing cables and proper assembly, too. Visit this area of their site and use the drop-down menu next to SRAM to select your product (look for the model number/name on the components on your bike):

That should get you going,


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