Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cycling Vacation Suggestion

It's never too early to start planning your vacation, everyone. This scenic video of Adventure Cycling's Rocky Mountain Great Divide Route has me dreaming of this epic off-road bicycling trip in Montana. I thought you'd enjoy it too.

You can also watch the video here.

Best cycling wishes,


peter nurkse said...

Montana has a good state bike map:

It indicates road grade (5 to 7%, and 7+%), typical of a bike map.Less typical is that it marks the shoulder width along the roads (less than 4 ft, and 4+ ft.). That matters. They also show roads that have rumble strips to alert drivers drifting onto the shoulder, nice detail.

Finally they show the figures for traffic flow on each road in July, daily Truck Traffic and daily Total Traffic. Tells you more than just the width of the road or the number of lanes.

Seems Montana is pretty aware of bicyclists.

Winona, Media Director said...

You can also get maps for the Montana section of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route here:

Thanks for sharing the video!

Winona, media director
Adventure Cycling Association

Jim Langley said...

Excellent, Peter and Winona - thanks for the additional info!