Saturday, August 25, 2007

Q&A: Stem question

You have a great site. I need to shorten my stem on my Giant OCR A1. It has a 105 MM and I need to go to a 90 MM. I determined using some charts that a 10 degree rise would allow me to keep the current height. I noticed most stems for road bikes do not go above 10 degrees. I have found 6, 7,,8 and the new EA90 at 10 degrees. Is there a reason for this limited selection? With cleats I could stand to raise the bar a half inch as well as shorten the reach.


It's a good question if there's a reason stems these days only come in certain rises and I don't have a good answer for you, Joseph, except to say that it's sort of a standard that's arrived with the threadless systems. I think if you search enough you'll find other sizes but you might have to look a bit. Luckily you can usually dial-in your position and get comfortable with a combination of the rises available and by raising or dropping your stem (assuming you have the spacers to do this on your fork steerer; to get that 1/2 inch you mentioned, you'll put a spacer that size beneath your stem). It's also possible to have custom stems made to get whatever position you need and solve situations where you don't have spacers on your fork to do it, though these are harder to find and usually more costly, too, since they are hand built.

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