Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Q&A: Finding a $2,000 road bike

Thank you for your site. I greatly enjoy reading it and find it very useful. I'm in the market for a new bike, and based on your description of different types of bikes I think I would like a Road Sport. I prefer high-quality steel as a frame material, and would look for a compact double crankset and parts that are at least Shimano 105 level or equivalent.

Would you be able to offer me some examples of steel road sport bikes currently on the market that would be available off the rack for under $2,000? Or of frames available for under $1,000?

Thanks for your help,

Thanks to the Internet this is pretty easy. Simply visit the various bicycle companies you're interested in online, such as www.trekbikes.com,
www.specialized.com, www.giant_bicycles.com, www.raleighusa.com, etc. Once you're at the site you only need open a few bicycles in your category to see the pricing to figure out what's available. This is the easiest way to compare a selection of bicycles, however, the best way is to visit bicycle shops because there you can actually get fitted to the bikes and take test rides, too, which is the best way to select the ideal bicycle.

Have fun!

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