Monday, June 18, 2012

NEW PRODUCT: Anycase iPhone Tripod Adapter

Steve Boehmke, a longtime marketing and product-development guru for many major bicycle companies (including Shimano), told me about a clever gadget he's trying to bring to market called the Anycase iPhone Tripod Adapter. While this elegant little aluminum holder isn't specifically a cycling product, I contributed to Steve's Kickstarter campaign because I need something like this. 

I shoot simple cycling videos with my iPhone and I need a safe way to hold it steady and position it more accurately than I can by hand and by balancing it precariously on its edge. The Anycase does this nicely as you can see here. If you use your smartphone for video like this, you might like one too. A $29 contribution gets you an Anycase in black. The Kickstarter campaign ends July 6, 2012, so contribute soon if you'd like to help. Thanks! UPDATE: The campaign did not raise the funds to launch production, so Steve is now selling the Anycase online for $29 plus shipping.



Alex said...

I'm not sure I see how that could be used on a bike - do you have to mount it to a clip or something? And what about handlebar diameter? My road bike and mountain bike have different diameter handlebars - will it work on either?

Jim Langley said...

Thanks for asking that, Alex. I should have made that clear: this is NOT an iPhone mount for your bicycle. It's an adapter so that you can put your iPhone on a tripod and use it to shoot videos of anything you want, including your bicycles or riding or anything else. But the Anycase adapter is not intended to be attached to your bike - though, now that you mention it, someone may tell us about something for that purpose. In the meantime you probably should look into GoPro's on-bike cameras here