Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Few More Cycling Gift Ideas

I've been riding a Bike Friday since 1992 and love it
For you gift-challenged cyclists, here are three more unique gift suggestions to go with my Cycling Gift Guide of the other day,

I just received a holiday announcement from the great folks up in Oregon who make the fabulous Bike Friday travel and folding bicycles with a special sale that saves you a good bit on the price of new custom-built or Select model Bike Friday bicycle - the ultimate gift for any cyclist who travels for business or fun or just wants a folding bicycle to add versatility to their lifestyle.

If you order and pay for one of these bikes by December 15 and delay the production until February, you will receive 10% off your entire order. Delay until March and you will receive 15% off your entire order. That's a significant discount for being a little patient and these amazing bicycles are worth the wait. Your giftee will love it.

And here are two unique gifts from the green company Resource Revival that makes clever and functional items from recycled bike parts: the Bike Chain Bowl and the Desk Pendulum Clock. I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but I have to say that that's the coolest keys/cell phone tray I've ever seen (click the captions to learn more or purchase the products).
The Bike Chain Bowl

The Desk Pendulum Clock

Here's a fun video about the people behind these products:
Resource Revival Interview from Graham Bergh on Vimeo.

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