Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NEWS: Moulton Bicycle Company's Moulton 60

One of the bicycles that I was tempted to take home at the Interbike bike show in Las Vegas last month was the Moulton 60, a limited-edition model made to commemorate the company producing bikes since 1960. It features Moulton’s original and elegantly refined Series One frame design in full stainless steel, each hand built, silver brazed and lovingly polished to a gleaming luster in their workshop in Bradford on Avon. Only 191 will be built - each numbered on the head badge.

Riding a Moulton (I own an AM 14 and an APB), you enjoy the superior acceleration and handling of the smaller, lighter, more maneuverable wheels, and the wonderful get-up-and-go pedaling efficiency of Moulton's oversize frame tubing. And, what truly sets Moulton's revolutionary road bicycles apart is the full, balanced suspension. The 60 boasts a leading-link front and Hydrolastic fluid-damped and Flexitor bonded-rubber pivot rear suspension that take the sting out of rough pavement. You need to experience it to appreciate the difference it makes in staying comfortable and feeling strong (not fatigued) no matter how far you ride.

Here's a photo of the Moulton 60 with its numbered head badge, and below, one of Moulton's top-of-the-line models, the New Series Double Pylon. Also, I visited the Moulton Bicycle Company in 1998 and have more interesting information on the company and their amazing bicycles in this story. In it you'll learn more about Dr. Alex Moulton, the engineer who invented these remarkable cycles and who still heads the company at 91 years of age (where the 91 in a limited edition of 191 units comes from).

I highly recommend Tony Hadland's books and writings on Moulton bicycles too.

Moulton 60 limited edition
Below is the Moulton New Series Double Pylon. If you're interested in purchasing a Moulton, please check with the company for availability, local bicycle stores that carry the bikes and pricing.
Moulton New Series Double Pylon

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