Friday, January 16, 2009

NEWSWIRE: ToC Blog, Book Reviewed, Lube contin.

Cruzio Tour of California blog
You may already know that the Tour of California, the most important race in America, commences in Sacramento on February 14 and will race right into my home town of Santa Cruz on the 16th. This is a huge deal for us and we're all working to promote the race and make it a success so it comes back again. For my part, I've begun blogging about the race for local Internet provider and I wanted to give you the link so you can follow along (screenshot above). I'll take a local perspective on the race and keep it fun. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to cover...............In other blog news of a commercial nature, I was delighted to see that top NorCal racer Michael Hernandez who blogs for the NorCalCyclingNews has some great things to say about my Your Home Bicycle Workshop book. I wanted to share his kind words (scroll a bit) and use this space to thank him, too. Appreciate the support, Michael...............Also, a reader added a great tip you might want to try in my post about chain lubing. He suggests simply using car wax to lube your chain. Scroll to the lube post and read the comments to get the whole story, and post your comments if you try it to let us know how you like it.
Have a nice cycling weekend!


Unknown said...

We've all been loving your posts over at Cruzio. Thanks for all you do!

--Mike Brogan

Don said...

This will be my first time to the Amgen Tour. I will only be able to stay for the first 3-4 days. I would appreciate advice on some of the best places to view the first 3 stages. It appears that there are even ways to see an early part of a stage, and then take other roads and get to the finish. At this point we will be "motelling" it, but if anyone has advice on this too, I'd appreciate it.

Jim Langley said...

Thanks, Mike! And, Don, you might visit this page on the ToC site where there are a bunch of links about the race and how best to catch the action. Be sure to look at their Top 5 Viewing Spots. Here's a couple of links:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim, I knew I had seen something about the Top 5 Viewing Spots when I was first scanning the TofC site, but then I could never get abck to it.

I'll check out your links. =Don=