Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cycling Artists Ines Brunn & Serge Huercio

There's riding a bicycle, and then there's cycling magic, as shown here by artistic cyclist and nuclear physicist, Ines Brunn... ballet on wheels and wonderful. She started training at 4 years old and believe it or not, is currently ranked only 19th in the world.

Visit Ines' website at

The fine print: if the Ines video does not play here, please follow this link:

And, Ines is probably 19th in the world because of riders like Serge Huercio:

If the Huercio video isn't working, visit this link:


Sprocketboy said...

Quite marvellous--the UCI even has "Kunstradsport" as one of its disciplines so you could win a rainbow jersey if you were good enough! I guess this developed into a popular sport where people could not ride for a good part of the year but had lots of community sports halls, as is the case in Germany, in which to practice. I also like the fact that Serge's bicycle has a kickstand.

Unknown said...

That's an excellent point about cold winters leading to indoor cycling. Thanks for pointing that out, Sprocketboy!

Anonymous said...

No idea how Ms. Brunn could be rated 19th...her talents appear to exceed those of Serge!