Saturday, April 5, 2008


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A costly, dangerous and all-too-easy mistake you might make on today's carbon bicycles and components is overtightening. This can cause frame or component failure and a crash, both painful and expensive. So, I'm excited to see a high-quality precision tool specifically designed for bicycles that can help solve the problem. It's very expensive at $175, yet it's beautifully designed and manufactured, small enough to fit your toolbox or even pocket and comes with everything you need to tighten right and ensure that you never damage your bicycle or yourself.

Designed and built in Italy by Effetto Mariposa, the
Giustaforza torque wrench is only about as long as your hand. To use, simply insert the bit you need (held in place with a magnet inside the head of the tool), set your desired torque with the small knob and gauge on the end, and tighten the bolt. The Giustaforza (translates as correct force) makes, and you feel, a pronounced click when the proper torque is reached preventing you from ever overtightening again! This sweet tool is small so that it's easy to handle, and so it provides just the right leverage for working on even the largest Allens and torx bolts found on bicycles. The 16 included bits (see photo) allow you to use it on almost any bolt or screw on modern bicycles, and a plastic protective case is included, too. If you like to own great bicycles and equally great tools to work on them, you'll want a Giustaforza in your toolbox. I love mine.

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