Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Q&A: Rubbing noise

Q: Hi, I recently bought a 2007 felt F75 and after about a month of use I
noticed a loud clicking noise originating somewhere on the bike. The noise
comes when I am out of the saddle leaning from side to side to get up a hill
or sprint at the end of a race. The noise occurs when I am on the left. Any

Thank you very much,

A: Hi Eugene,
It's probably the chain rubbing against the front derailleur. Keep in mind
that you need to "trim" the front derailleur with a slight movement of the
left shift lever whenever the chain has been shifted up or down the
cassettes cogs most of the way. As the chain is shifted up toward the
largest and down toward the smallest cogs it gets closer to the front
derailleur cage. If you don't move the left lever and move the derailleur
slightly (called "trimming") it can rub against the chain when you're
pedaling forcefully.

The other possibility is that the front derailleur is out of adjustment. If
that's the case I'd recommend heading back to the shop where you bought the
bike and explaining the issue. Be sure they take a test ride and push hard
like you are when you get the noise so they can hear it for themselves. It
should be a quick and easy adjustment for them to make. And, if you bring it
to the shop and it's something else, like that something has come loose,
they should spot that and fix it, too.

Hope this helps quiet your rides,

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