Wednesday, December 15, 2010

VIDEO: Tour de Speed

As a masters competitor (over 35 years old), I am at one end of the bicycle-racing spectrum. There are plenty of races and riders, and major events like state, national and even world championships. While it's all great fun, for cycling to grow and thrive we need kids to take it up. Our team Bicycle Trip has a large, well-organized and talented juniors team that we masters support, however, without support like that, it can be challenging to get into the sport.

So, I enjoyed seeing, and wanted to share this video of the Tour de Speed in Canada, an annual stage race (time trial and road race) for girls and boys age 10 to 16. It's put on by the Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club of Newmarket, Ontario as part of the Ontario Cycling Association's Ontario Youth Cup 6-race series. I wish there had been something like this when I started riding.

Tour Of Speed 2010 from Scott K. Douglas on Vimeo.

To view on Vimeo:

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Dan O said...

Wow - that's cool. Looks like a great event.

My 11 year old son races mountain bike and 'cross.

We need more kids racing bikes - always hundreds of adults at each race and just a handful of kids.

Compared to baseball, soccer, basketball, etc - where zillions of kid are involved, the percentage of kids racing bikes is microscopic - even if you include BMX.

We just don't have the culture here. When I mention bike racing to parents at my son's basketball or baseball practice - most have no idea what I'm talking about. It's a whole 'nother universe.