Friday, December 5, 2008

Q&A: Fixie Chain Length & Maillard remover contin

If you check my previous post and click on the comments you'll see 2 great tips from readers getinlost and GhostRider. I wanted to share these with you in this new post so they'd be easy to find. Getinlost provided a link to Eric House's Fixed Innovations website and his very cool fixie chain-length calculator and chart - a fun and efficient way to dial in that fixie drivetrain. Just for fun, the photo above shows the spiffy Light Roadster fixed-gear bicycle by A.N.T. Bikes (Alternative Needs Transportation).

And, on finding that Maillard freewheel remover from the 1970's and 1980's that is getting scarce, GhostRider found it on Harris Cyclery at this link. I would recommend calling them to ask about availability because it suggests in the online ad that they may not be in stock. I think if you try enough older shops (which Harris is), you'll be able to find one eventually.


getinlost said...

Your welcome. I have wrestled with the drive train issue on fixed gear conversions as "few" times. I'm glad to pass this knowledge around.

GhostRider said...

And from me, you're quite welcome. I am a reference librarian by day, so these kinds of informational "hunts" really get me excited!

That being said, reference librarians have about a 55% accuracy rate, according to a national survey a few years, yes, call to check availability before ordering.

Keep up the great work, Jim -- from a longtime fan!

Jack Sweeney

Jim Langley said...

Thanks again, Jack!