Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PRODUCT REVIEW: CarboCut Carbon Saw

Effetto Mariposa's CarboCut carbon hacksaw
If you do much work on carbon-fiber bicycles, such as sizing forks, seatposts or the new integrated seat masts, Effetto Mariposa's CarboCut carbon hacksaw ($74.95) makes cutting these carbon components much easier. The secret is the blade, which has a grit edge of tungsten carbide. Unlike a regular metal, toothed hacksaw blade, the CarboCut's saws in both directions with a grinding action leaving a smooth edge and never "fraying" (debonding) the carbon fibers. It helps that the blade is held by a stout metal saw frame, too. In use, the CarboCut works as promised. It cuts straight and true, is easy to control and it leaves a super-clean cut. Because the blade is thicker than metal ones, you may need to run the CarboCut through certain fork/seatpost sawing jigs first to widen the slot. But, the tungsten carbide blade cuts even hardened steel, titanium and even ceramics and masonry, so it'll size the jig's slot, too. The CarboCut accepts 10-inch blades (most regular hacksaws use 12-inch). This means it's easier to use and that it also fits nicely in bicycle toolboxes.

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