Monday, February 25, 2008

Q&A: Folding repair stands

Q: Hey Jim,
I'm looking for a lightweight/compact bike stand that I could travel with for use on my tours (for basic assembly and minor bike tuning/cleaning).
I've seen a couple of lightweight folding models that hold the rear wheel only, and will fit in your suitcase. Any ideas or suggestions?


A: That's a good question, Rob. The only folding one I know about is the Topeak FlashStand

I haven't tried it but it looks like it should work okay for this type of stand. The only other ones I know about are the ones that don't fold. I think they're called Multi-Stands, if I remember right. They're just chrome-plated bent wire. Those would fit in a suitcase and work okay, too.

The only bad thing about the little Y stands like this is that it tires your back having to bend over to work on the bike. The way I work around this is putting the bike up on a table, but you've got to find a table.

You might also consider a folding stand like Ultimate Bike Support's models. Those only weigh about 12 pounds and fold up small enough to take with you
as a carry-on or even fit in a big suitcase, but they would take up a fair amount of space compared to the little Y stands. Ultimates are pro-quality stands, though, and if you were working on a bunch of bikes they would really be nice to have:

Hope this helps,

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Bicycle Aficionado said...

Rob sent this note about the Topeak FlashStand: "Jim-FYI: I was all set to buy this stand, but I first went to Amazon to read reviews of those that had bought the stand. They were universally negative for one major flaw of the stand: they used plastic in part of the stand that they should have (probably) used aluminum (for stiffness). Everyone complained about the flex of the stand, and said the problem could be remedied with alum in place of plastic in this one section of the stand. So I might go the route of a nicer Ultimate stand, and use that for travel .... thnx!