Wednesday, January 16, 2008

GREAT TIP: Bike cleaning made easy

Here's a super tip that'll make your bicycle cleaning easier than ever and that works on steel, titanium, aluminum and carbon bicycle frames and parts, too. Plus it takes only minutes and gets such nice results you'll want to do it after every couple of rides. (If your bike's a filthy mess from muddy rides or endless miles without cleaning, start by washing it with soap and water first.)

Simply spray Lemon Pledge furniture polish on your bicycle and then wipe it off with a soft cloth (or, if you prefer, spray it on the cloth and wipe). This will clean your bicycle and parts, leave a nice wax finish that helps keep it clean and makes it shine like it was new, too. It even works on unfinished carbon components giving them a lustrous shine and adding a protective coating.

The best part is how little time it takes. Just spray and wipe. There's no drying or excessive wiping needed though you can polish as much as you like. Keep a can of Lemon Pledge on your workbench and make bike cleaning easy and fun! It's much more satisfying than dusting the furniture in your house.

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